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RJS acoustics was started by John Schunck, a product designer who has been passionate about sound systems and sound reproduction since he was 14 years old. What makes us stand apart is that our speaker systems are designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg Florida by those who are passionate about natural sounding reproduction. We specialize in the development, design, and production of high-quality home audio speakers that can reproduce sound that draws in the listener as intended by the artist.

We look for the problems and issues in home audio speaker systems and find solutions. We identify the flaws that cause colorations in reproduction. You reap the benefit of our work with the most natural and realistic sounding speaker systems we can build. Our products are well-made and extremely durable. For example, our unique MD6 subwoofer system exhibits musical integrity and is also soundtrack rated. We invite you to watch for more innovative and exciting projects we have in the works.

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