Musical Instruments

Company Mission

At RJS acoustics we are passionate about natural and realistic sounding audio reproduction. Easier said then done since we don’t  employ a “Cost No Object” approach. We believe in working with Mother Nature (It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!) and the laws of Physics and Acoustics. Sometimes Mother even throws us a gift, such as the bass alignment design utilized in the MD6.

The challenge, and we love a challenge, is finding the causes of issues in sound reproduction. There is always room for improvement. Identifying the causes allows us to develop solutions. This is what we do. This is our passion. This is RJS acoustics.

About Our Founder:

John’s interest in loudspeaker design began in 1970 at the ripe old age of 14. While using speakers out of discarded televisions was fun, it wasn’t going to impress anyone.

John’s first epiphany occurred around 1973 while visiting his girlfriend. Her older brother turned him on (It’s not what you think!) to a tubed based Marantz stereo system with an AR turntable using a Sure V15 cartridge. A real ear opening experience.

His second epiphany happened in the 1980’s when he started reading Stereophile magazine. That was when it was a Readers Digest sized magazine published, sometimes infrequently, by the late great J. Gordon Holt. This taught him how to listen. Thank You JGH.

Around that same time he experienced a third epiphany (How many can one stand!). Vance Dickason’s Loudspeaker Design Cookbook was initially a very intimidating instruction book on the math required to understand transducer behavior. John’s copy is held together today with tape.

We believe it is time for John’s unique designs addressing the challenges of reproducing sound in a natural and realistic way to become available. This is the mission of RJS acoustics. Stay Tuned… You’ll Be Hearing From Us.

Happy Listening