MD6 Design Goals

What a subwoofer doesn’t do is just as important as what it can do. A properly integrated subwoofer system will not call attention to itself. It should not dominate the room, although it will if called upon to do so. It should not be expected to “Make More Bass”. What it should do is extend the low frequency response of high performance satellite speakers making them sound like large high performance full range systems. In other words, it is intended to supplement your speaker system. This is where the MD6 excels.

MD6 Design Features

  • Six 6.5 inch purpose built low frequency subwoofer drivers displace as much air as a 16 inch subwoofer driver while maintaining agility and precision. These drivers utilize neodymium magnets and have over an inch of total linear travel. Impressive machines.
  • Drivers are mounted in opposition (Three each on opposite baffles) canceling out mechanical induced vibration. More importantly, this configuration also creates a rock solid launch platform contributing to the systems’ outstanding transient response.
  • Enclosure constructed of .75 inch MDF internally braced front to back and baffle to baffle. Baffles are 1.25 inch thick. A very solid cabinet construction incorporating rabbet and dado joints. Textured finish is available in black or white. 17.5”W X 14”D X 36”H. 85 pounds.
  • The driving amplifiers’ power is shared by six voice coils reducing compression artifacts and lowering distortion. Typical subs dump all their power into a single voice coil. This requires a heavy coil to withstand the high current without burnout.
  • The amplifier chosen for this system is a free standing design (Rack mount tabs included) and is rated for 750 watts into the MD6s‘ 6? load. This power plus the sensitivity of six drivers translates into tremendous output when required. Response is flat down to 25Hz with no EQ. Response is all acoustic

Additional Amplifier Features

  • Variable 4th order wide range low pass crossover 30Hz - 200Hz
  • Fixed 2nd order active high pass output at 80Hz
  • LFE input bypasses low pass crossover
  • Parametric EQ with variable frequency (18Hz - 80Hz), bandwidth (0.1 - 1) and level (-14.5dB - +6dB)
  • Selectable low frequency subsonic filter at 18Hz
  • Selectable low frequency boost at 25Hz. Useful when running the system as a sealed
  • Front mounted master power switch plus Auto/12Volt Trigger/On slide switch on rear panel
  • Patented tracking down-converter power supply for high efficiency using large toroidal transformer
  • Class-AB output stage for clean and controlled high power amplification 

* Vent sealing foam plug included

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