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The Story

Starting with a truly unique subwoofer system. RJS acoustics is a Saint Petersburg start up speaker Company. The demonstration purpose of their subwoofer system here at the Florida Audio Expo is to attain a convincing proof of concept. Not to spoil the story, but they succeeded in that goal.

The Sound

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That is the name of the game with the MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System. We listened for a couple of songs with the subwoofer engaged, and all was right with the room. Once we removed the subwoofer, it was a different story. Like spoiled children, we whined and complained for the sub to become active again. Not to say that the subwoofer’s nature was to be heard or identified during listening, it’s just that it sweetens the low end and aids in creating space so well, that we can’t ignore its absence.

Enjoy The Music:

Backert Labs and RJS Acoustics really brought on an truly impressive grouping of high-end audio gear here at Florida Audio Expo 2019. Here's proof that with the properly chosen gear that has synergy, you can create a truly remarkable music listening system.

Source: Enjoy the Music

The Florida Audio Expo brought to light companies I never knew existed -- St. Petersburg-based RJS acoustics, for example, maker of the MD6 Bass Augmentation Speaker System (B.A.S.S.). Don’t let the fancy name fool you; it’s a subwoofer, though it has some interesting wrinkles to the design. Instead of using one really big woofer, the MD6 has six 6.5" woofers, mounted three and three on opposing sides. The company claims the six smaller woofers combined can move as much air as a 16" woofer, but with greater agility. The company also says that the MD6 reaches down to 25Hz, flat, with no equalization applied. Furthermore, since the woofers are mounted on opposing sides of the cabinet, all operating in phase, their forces cancel out each others’ vibrations that would otherwise be introduced into the cabinet. Powering the MD6 is a 1000W external amplifier that has phase, crossover, and level controls, as well as a parametric equalizer. The total price: $5750.

We welcome inquiries from audio reviewers who are interested in evaluating the MD6.